During my 30 year career as a counselor/coach/trainer, the number question that I received from people globally is “How Can I Manifest More Prosperity”?  I normally answer that question by sharing about the power of creating prosperity from the inside out – understanding that it is our beliefs, thinking, intentions, expectations and consciousness which creates our experiences.  However, in this article, I wanted to share some simple ways to begin align yourself with prosperity by taking some simple ACTION steps. 

So here are some action steps that you can begin to implement NOW in order manifest more prosperity in your life. 


  • The Law of Vacuum states that when you create a vacuum by giving, that the universe must fill that space.  I am sure that you have heard the mantra that “Nature abhors a vacuum.”  Simply stated – If you want greater good, greater prosperity in your life, start forming a vacuum to receive it.  In other words, when you begin to give, you are making room for that which you desire GOD WILL ALWAYS FILL A VACUUM.  You can begin to create a vacuum by giving away your clothes, furniture, old books and even your time and watch more prosperity come into your life. 
  • THE CIRCULATION LAW – TITHING – Tithing is giving away 10% of your earnings or time.  You can choose to give tithe to a church, charity or a worthy project.  When you circulate substance, money or time, you keep the river of prosperity flowing freely.  When you tithe you are circulating money and putting yourself in the flow of prosperity.  I remember about 20 years ago when I desired more prosperity in my life I decided to begin to tithe.  I made a decision to tithe the amount that I wanted to earn in the future.  So that meant if I desired to make $100,000, I would tithe 10% of that amount even though I might have been earning $50,000.00.  Well the most amazing thing began to happened. More money seem to flow into my life from unexpected people and places, because I was operating in the universal law of giving and receiving.  The bible states – Give and it shall be given unto you.”  Nothing you ever do goes unnoticed by this living universe.  So begin circulating your money and time in faith and watch more prosperity come into your life. 


Begin to manifest more prosperity into your life by commanding and calling it in with your words.   The word command means to have authority.  Your words are powerful and creative.  You create your world with your words and your life follows your words.  Your words actually become flesh and begin to manifest in your material world.  Speaking Prosperity Affirmations will begin to manifest more prosperity into your life.  I believe that money has an EAR and it hears what you say about it.  When you speak negative words and say that you are broke – then money literally runs away from you.   Conversely, when you begin to speak positively about prosperity with faith and conviction, then prosperity begins to flow in your life in miraculous ways. 


MONEY IS DIVINE.  Money is God’s good in expression.  When your attitude towards money is one of appreciation, more prosperity comes to you.  Money reacts to your attitude towards it.  If you think favorably about money and appreciate it, more will come to you.  Your grateful attitude actually attracts money to you.  Always have an attitude of being grateful for the money that you do have.  Never be critical or condemn others who have money, as your money will dissipate.  I had a client who constantly complained about lack of money.  He constantly talked negative about how the government was spending money and was very critical of celebrities and their extravagant lifestyles.  During our sessions he discovered that his negative, complaining and critical attitude was keeping his prosperity from him.  He made a decision to stop complaining and being critical and within 30 days he received a large promotion and increase in his salary.  He attributes his increase to his shift and change in his attitude towards money.  


WORK IS DIVINE.  Your current job can be a mighty channel for prosperity to come into your life.  Every successful millionaire worked on a JOB where they received creative ideas that eventually brought wealth into their lives.  A great example of that would be Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey.  So be diligent and faithful in the job that you current have and see it as a channel for God to download innovative ideas that can create millions in your life.   If you do not like your current work, then begin to direct your energies towards a specific intention.  Pray for an idea that will serve others while bringing more prosperity into your life.  When you forget yourself and serve others, wealth will come to you.  

Begin taking these action steps in love, faith and expectancy and watch more increase, abundance and prosperity manifest in your life.  

Bio:  Contance L. Arnold is an Author, Success Coach and Radio Talk Show Host and contributing blogger for The Huffington Post.  She has 30 years experience as a licensed psychotherapist with over 10,000 clients.  She is the author of Secrets of Success and How to Attract Genuine Love and is the Host of The Think, Believe and Manifest Talk Show on The Law of Attraction Radio Network where she interviews New York Times Best Selling Authors with million or listeners globally. 


Live in hope and faith in times of crisis

What can you begin to do from right where you are in times of crisis?

Whether you, your family, or your country is being affected by Coronavirus or Covid-19, or whether you are going through your own personal crisis, this is my message for you today.

Sometimes it will be moment by moment – be informed, but watch what you’re hearing, what you’re saying, what you’re seeing.
Fear is a powerful vibration, but instead, choose faith.
Expect that God will give you strength to get through this.
Expect and stay in hope.
Know that God is with you.
Know that whatever solutions you need are inside of you.

Here’s my message to you:

“Unselfish Women:” The stories of more than 100 inspiring women

Towonda Kilpatrick, award-winning writer, producer and playwright, and the author of the new book, Unselfish Women, says her idea for the book was divine.

Towonda is this week’s guest on my Think, Believe, and Manifest Talk Show during this Women’s History Month and said her drive to write the book came after she collapsed from blood clots in her lungs.

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Towonda, believing she still had more to do in her life, said she heard God’s message when she was in the hospital and she knew she had to write the book highlighting more than 100 inspirational women.

“I want you to do what I tell you to do in the order in which I tell you,” she heard. When she didn’t know how to proceed with it, she said she heard, “All you have to do is do it. Everything you need I will put forth for you.”


“There were definitely days that I wanted to quit,” she said, because the book was a huge undertaking with compiling the stories and bios of more than 100 women. “I just kept going,” she said.

Towonda said her gratitude helped power her through. She repeated to herself: “I’m grateful and thankful for what I am
and what I have,” she said.

And as you know, gratitude is the great multiplier.

The women featured in the book are described as compassionate, giving, dedicated, grateful and audacious, among other things.

The book will be launched at a huge party in April with a Purple Carpet Mingle, and tickets are still available!

Check it out here: https://unselfishwomen.com/

Listen to the full interview and subscribe to my YouTube channel here!

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How to manifest more money using the Law of Attraction

There are two big questions people ask me over and over and over again and they are, “Constance, how to do I manifest love?” And, “How do I manifest more money?”

The truth is, love and money are so connected because it’s the same vibration.

When you come from a place of lack, you will have lack in either or both of those areas. The opposite is true when you are in the vibration of abundance and gratitude.

This week, on the Think, Believe, and Manifest Talk Show, I spoke to breakthrough specialist and author Nick Breau, who has manifested multi-million dollars AND love through the Law of Attraction.

“The Law of Attraction is simply the understanding that physical reality is a reflection of what you have going on inside of you,” said Breau. “The big thing to the Law of Attraction is it’s no different than something like the Law of Gravity,” he said. “There’s no exceptions to gravity.”


That means the Law of Attraction is working for everyone and you are attracting the vibrations that you are sending out and everything that is on that frequency. “Your reality is going to reflect back to you the emotions that you carry and what you put your focus on,” said Breau. Therefore, whatever emotions you feel about the thing you want, if you match the frequency of that experience, you HAVE to experience the experience of it. It’s universal law.

First, Breau says you must work on high and consistent alignment with your goals. You must align with the feeling and the vibration of that which you want to manifest, said Breau. Then, you have to be grateful for your current circumstances.


Be so busy enjoying your current reality that the manifestations just begin to show up. You shift your focus from trying to change your reality to loving life so much that you’re no longer chasing your desires, and they just begin to show up!

Listen to this week’s show in its entirety here:

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My “Manifest in 31 Days” Facebook Challenge

I have some exciting news, everybody!

The Think, Believe, and Manifest community is kicking off 2020 early!

On Sunday, December 1st, we are beginning a new challenge called “The Manifest in 31 Days” Challenge.

This challenge will be exclusively for members of my Facebook group, so go ahead – right now –  and get clear on what you want to manifest, then head over to Facebook to my “Think, Believe, and Manifest: Using the Law of Attraction” Facebook group to get started.

The best part is that it’s FREE and open to anybody. That won’t always be the case, so YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS RARE OPPORTUNITY. 

It’s my gift to YOU.

Here’s what we will do during this challenge:

  • Identify something you want to manifest! Remember that your mindset has everything to do with whether or not you’re in alignment with what you want to manifest. If you want to manifest a million dollars but you’ve never felt worthy of money or you’ve never felt what it’s like to be around abundance, money, or even people who have money, you may want to start with an amount of money you believe you can achieve and work your way up. The same goes with anything you want to manifest. It has to be something your subconscious – that little voice in the back of your mind – can also believe.
  • We will begin to get into alignment with the vibration of what you want and the actual FEELING OF HAVING IT ALREADY. (Remember – It’s already done!)
  • You’ll learn how to CLEAR THE BLOCKAGES that are holding you back from your manifestations.
  • You’ll begin to forgive yourself and let old baggage go.
  • We’ll focus on gratitude.
  • And create a vision board.
  • Work on creating an “hour of power” or special time to set aside to focus on your energy and your vision – making room and time for yourself and your manifestation to come into your life!
  • Surround yourself with high-vibe, like-minded people in our incredible Think, Believe, and Manifest – Law of Attraction community! 
  • You will also get special downloads for you to use to help you in your manifestations.
  • Best of all, you’ll get guidance in your manifestations from ME.

I cannot wait to meet all of you in my group! Who needs to wait until 2020 to set goals and start living the life of your dreams?! NOT US! 

Whether you want to manifest a better relationship, love, money, abundance, happiness, peace in your life or your dream job, stop waiting for your life to begin. Life happens THROUGH YOU, not TO you.

Join the group for this challenge right now, right here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thinkbelievemanifest/

It may never be FREE again.

See you there!



Meet and Greet here in Atlanta

I am so grateful that people traveled from all over the US for the Meet and Greet here in Atlanta.


Hello Everyone

I wanted to reach out to everyone and thank all for you for your wonderful love, condolences, prayers, emails, texts and phone calls during the transition of my Brother – George Lane, Jr. (Little Joe).   He was a wonderful, loving and giving man and left a powerful legacy of giving, ministry and love.  

It has been a demanding and at-times an over-whelming week for me, but God has sustained and kept me through HIS powerful Grace.   I have had strong support and love from my friends who have been there for me day and night and of course from my mentor and Pastor – James E. Powers who has and is supporting me through this process.   All of the principles that I share and teach each week, I am choosing to use them during this process.  

I have and I am still receiving hundreds of emails and texts from listeners who want to know how they can send a love gift to me and my family.   Since I am still in the process of responding to all of my correspondence, I felt the most effective way for you to share your gifts would be through my business PAYPAL or with $CashApp.  With paypal.com, you simply go to paypal.com put in my paypal name which is:   clarnold11@bellsouth.net and with $CashAPP – my name is $constancearnold.   Thank you in advance and ALL IS WELL!

I wanted to share some picture with you.

These are picture of me and my 4 nieces (Aren’t they beautiful/)

The next one is a picture of my family after the Funeral

The Last is a picture of my brother (Little Joe)

Yearly Christmas Coaching Gift Special

Hello Everyone,

Happy holidays.  I am excited to share with you my yearly coaching gift offer.  I am so grateful and have been so blessed that each year I offer as my gift to my listeners my special gift opportunity to coach and personally work with me one-on-one.  My 25-year history of coaching and assisting clients with transformational change speaks for itself.  I currently coach clients on 5 continents.

So here it is – I am gifting my 6-month monthly coaching package 50% off the original price of $1,500.00.  That means you can purchase the package for $750.00 instead of the normal price of $1,500.00.   WOW – That’s amazing.

The specifics work like this:

You will receive:

  • An initial Coaching Assessment to be completed and emailed back to me
  • Six one-hour sessions
  • Six 10 minute (check-in calls) in between coaching sessions
  • My book – Secrets of Success
  • Complimentary MP3 Affirmations
  • Customized projects, exercises and readings in between sessions
  • Eliminating old limiting belief systems and getting clear about what you desire
  • Baby-Step 6-Month Plan of Action

I am sure that you have heard many of the amazing testimonies of my clients from all over the world whose lives have changed through coaching with me.   So, if you are ready for transformational change and you are willing to invest the time, effort and finances – I would love to partner with you.

(Offer Expires December 31, 2019)

Simply, click the link below to begin your exciting new journey to permanent change.
(You can also use $App – $constancearnold)


Law of Attraction Cruise

APRIL 8 – April 13, 2019
Out of New Orleans to Cozumel/Yucatan

I am inviting you to personally join me on this fabulous cruise where I will have the opportunity to meet and connect with you on a personal level for 5 exciting days.  I will be one of the featured speakers and will be conducting workshops on how to attract wealth, relationships, the perfect career and anything else that you desire.

Can you imagine 5 days of connecting with like-minded people from all over the world?  If you have never been on a cruise, you should treat yourself to this amazing experience.  I have personally cruised on The Carnival Glory and this ship is fabulous!

This is a picture of me on my last cruise where I traveled to Cayman Islands, Jamaica and Cozumel (By the way, Cozumel has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world).
Set your intention to be a part of this wonderful cruise experience.  The Network has arranged for you to create an easy payment plan, so sign up now as space is limited.

Getting Refocused

Hey Everyone,

Greetings from Atlanta and The Think Believe and Manifest Talk Show.  Fall is finally here in the U.S.  (I realize that many of you live in other parts of the World).  Have you ever noticed that it feels like there is a change or shift in the atmosphere when autumn arrives?  After vacations, travels and lots of fun during the Summer months, or me personally, Fall is always a time of refocusing.

As most of you know, I interview New York Times Best Authors almost weekly and all of them share the same principles they have used and share with others to manifest success.  So, I want to give you 5 principles that you can implement into your life over the next 2 ½ months so that you can begin living and manifesting more of what you love and desire into your life.

PRINCIPLE:  The Secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.

5 Things Successful People do Before 8 a.m. (Success Leaves Clues)

  • Prayer, Meditation, Mindfulness
  • Reading Inspirational Material (Leaders are Readers – Learn more to earn more)
  • Listen to or look at audio/video teachings
  • Write and review your goals
  • Exercise

I recommend that you choose ONE major goal and give your attention, focus and energy to that one goal utilizing these 5 steps.

I realized personally that I need to really be more consistent with writing and reviewing my goals DAILY.

Please email me and let me know about your wonderful manifestations.


I currently coach clients on 5 continents and would love to partner with you and assist you in creating a life beyond your wildest dreams in 2018.
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