Listen to some of the amazing stories my coaching clients from all over the world who are creating and manifesting amazing lives.

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I wasn’t expecting much when I set up an initial session with Constance, but I was at an emotional rock bottom. I am more than used to disappoint after disappointment and people not turning out to be who they seem. This was not the case with Constance and I couldn’t be happier with the personal shifts and gains I’ve made through her coaching. I spent what seemed like money I could not afford but I was desperate for change and had tried and failed many times over the years to make the changes I needed. I was stuck in cycles of traumatizing repeated life experiences with work, depression, family and relationships that I couldn’t brush off and explain away any more as being anything other than something that Was going on inside of me to cause them. I was scared my life would always be that way. I went primarily for relationships and business and ended up dealing with childhood trauma and internal beliefs left unhealed for over 40 years. What I was hoping for was a miraculous overnight change that would bring everything I ever wanted to me at the end of my initial sessions. What I got was a gradual process of baby steps, trying my best to do the things Constance asked me to do for my own healing and waking up one day almost a year later realizing that my victim outlook, bad habits, and negative inner voice were gone. I found more peace in the year of one-on-one sessions and assignments from Constance than in all the years of trying to do it on my own or even with therapy. Coaching with Constance has been invaluable to my life and worth every penny. I look forward to see where I grow from here and to see what my life looks like when the internal blocks to manifestation that I had built up over decades come all the way down.
F. Johnson
Atlanta, GA


“I was searching globally for a Business Coach and chose Constance. Even though I am a 6-time Grammy Winner and Gospel Music Hall of Fame Inductee, I wanted to expand and use my talents in a more diverse way in the marketplace. As a celebrity, confidentiality and integrity was very important to me and she delivered. Constance comes with outstanding professional credentials, and she helped me develop specific strategies that helped me become more creative and profitable in my business. She has also become a close confidant and continues to help me personally. I highly recommend her.”
Dr. Ricky McKinnie
6-Time Grammy Winner
Gospel Music Hall of Fame Inductee



“Before I started coaching with Constance, I was in a constant state of anxiety, stress and frustration. I was very unhappy with my life and I knew that I wanted more out life, I just didn’t know how to get it and what that more was. I was surrounded by people who complained about life and were also not happy as well. They had just the same amount of anxiety and stress as I had but, they were not doing anything about it. I felt that life was happening to me, rather than me creating my own life.

I felt that I was missing something that the successful, happy people knew, who were not in my social circle. So, I thought that if I signed up for a daily motivational email newsletter, then I thought that this would help me and would give me the change that I needed so desperately.  And it did for a short amount of time, but then life hit and I was faced with unemployment, issues with my family and in my relationship. I knew that I needed change now, and the email newsletter was just not enough, I was extremely depressed, I was sick all the time and what I was doing was not working.

So, I was led to Constance’s podcast, and I listened to all of her podcasts at that time. I then read her book Secrets of Success and I realized that I could not deal with everything that I was going through on my own and I decided to partner up with her, and that was two years ago. And that is when my life changed forever.  Constance and I went through all of my limiting beliefs and why I had them and most importantly how to overcome them. For years I had felt overly responsible for people emotionally and financially and knowing that it did not have to be this way freed me, beyond what I thought was possible.

She helped me heal old wounds and pains which had occurred during my childhood, which had never been dealt with and I had carried these pains with me into adulthood.  Now, I no longer carry these with me anymore, they are no longer part of my present existence.  Not only that but, I learnt to love myself and to set boundaries with people, to set financial, spiritual and emotional goals for myself and to instill in myself the love that I needed and had unknowingly desired for a very long time.
She gave me tools that would help move me along in my journey at every single stage. For every new change over the two years she, gave me different tools in the form of books, audiobooks, affirmations, inspiration, insight and so much more. These tools were things that I had never heard of or see before, but they helped move me closer and closer towards the new version of myself.

Two years later, I am a happier person that before, I am doing what I love everyday and I am at peace. I also know that I am co-creating my life with God every single day.  And I now know that I can and will be, do and have all that I desire. “

Natalie Gowora



Working with Constance Arnold has been a life changing experience.  She has been remarkably supportive, firm and skillfully adept at helping me focus on what’s important to me, what stands in my way and what steps I need to take to accomplish my goals.  Her non-judgmental approach has been key to my trusting the coaching process.  When I reflect on the accomplishments I have made since the onset of our meeting, I stand in awe of God for allowing our paths to cross.  Her in-depth wisdom far exceeds any I have ever known.  Her list of recommended books, visualization tips and daily declarations set me up for quantum progress.  Because of Constance Arnold, I am driving my dream car, receiving an additional $2000 a month and believing for more than I could have ever imagined or hoped.  The NBA has Phil Jackson. The NFL has Tom Landry.  The MLB Joe Torre, and I have Constance Arnold.

Dr. Barbara Jones
Franklin, Georgia



Vibrant. Alive. Present. Love-filled. Hard worker. Seeker. Action Taker. Fulfilled. Enjoying my life 100%. Blessed. Grateful. Excited. Connecting. Walking in my power. New heights every day. Revelations. Understood. Seen. Heard. Respected. Committed.

Coached by Constance. Guided by Constance. Accompanied by Constance.

Constance promised that I would not recognize myself after being coached by her. She was right. The results came quickly. Every day I marveled. Again? I don’t recognize myself again! YES! I am expanding. I started in June 2010 w/Constance. Constance coaches me twice a month.

Something extraordinary has taken place: I now recognize myself in the life that I am living. It is the Self that I journaled about, took workshops for, consulted with therapists about, and pushed myself hard to attain. On my own I was never quite able to reach it. I always had something to grumble about. And, I worked so hard. Being coached by Constance has made all of the difference in my life.

Constance has stayed steadied…Be it Katie. My faith has deepened, my patience has expanded, my attention to ABUNDANCE has grown. I am connected to loving and kind people and my dreams continue to shape my reality! I am filled w/light and love and joy.

Thank you Constance. 

If you would like to talk to me about being coached by Constance, please feel free to contact me. Constance has my email address and she will be happy to give it to you and I will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Katie Adler
Tokyo, Japan

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much your show has changed my life.

You see, a few years ago, I started to read a lot of “self help” books by prominent persons such as Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, and Joseph Murphy just to name a few. I really thought that I was doing everything that was required to live a full and prosperous life (according to the books that I read) but nothing was happening and I was becoming increasingly frustrated.

One day, I was searching stitcher.com for some podcasts related to Health & Fitness and, for some reason, i began to search the Spirtuality/Religion section and it was then that I found your show!

Constance, the first show that I listened to was with Dr. John Demartini and I was also so intrigued by the shows/conversations you had with Dr. Dennis Kimbro and Dr. Travis Taylor. From then, I was hooked and excited by what I was hearing, started to realise where my weaknesses were, and began to immediately put some of the techniques into practice.

Girl, you were so right! Although I didn’t coach with you directly, my outlook on life certainly did begin to change within 30 days. I am now happier, at peace, confident, am enjoying a better relationship with my family members and, after implementing the principle of writing a magic cheque on December 01, was able to manifest $10,000 on December 03….that’s 2 days!!!!

Since then, I was able to manifest an additional $3,000 through monetary gifts from family members and neighbours, the sale of my car, unexpected refunds, and through instances where my actual spend was significantly less than what I budgeted.

Constance, words cannot explain how grateful I am for your free and unselfish service to those who are ready. You certainly have played a huge part in my current life transformation and I am really excited to see what my future holds. Goals that seemed impossible to me are now doable, easy, and achievable.

May God continue to bless you and I look forward to building a relationship with you in the future!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!


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Although I have been committed to personal development over the past few years, I was not able to see my blind spots and had been feeling stuck in various areas of my life.

Coaching with Constance has been amazing. In just two 30 minute sessions, Constance help clarify my objectives and strategies to land a job I had desired. In addition to her coaching, I have utilized her e-books and affirmations with wonderful results. Her radiant and warm personality, coupled with her professionalism and knowledge, truly set Constance apart.

I look forward to continually working with Constance in the future. She is a wonderful resource, and has given me the tools that have taken me places I have never dreamed of.

Michael Scanlon, IV
Uncasville, CT