My “Manifest in 31 Days” Facebook Challenge

I have some exciting news, everybody!

The Think, Believe, and Manifest community is kicking off 2020 early!

On Sunday, December 1st, we are beginning a new challenge called “The Manifest in 31 Days” Challenge.

This challenge will be exclusively for members of my Facebook group, so go ahead – right now –  and get clear on what you want to manifest, then head over to Facebook to my “Think, Believe, and Manifest: Using the Law of Attraction” Facebook group to get started.

The best part is that it’s FREE and open to anybody. That won’t always be the case, so YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS RARE OPPORTUNITY. 

It’s my gift to YOU.

Here’s what we will do during this challenge:

  • Identify something you want to manifest! Remember that your mindset has everything to do with whether or not you’re in alignment with what you want to manifest. If you want to manifest a million dollars but you’ve never felt worthy of money or you’ve never felt what it’s like to be around abundance, money, or even people who have money, you may want to start with an amount of money you believe you can achieve and work your way up. The same goes with anything you want to manifest. It has to be something your subconscious – that little voice in the back of your mind – can also believe.
  • We will begin to get into alignment with the vibration of what you want and the actual FEELING OF HAVING IT ALREADY. (Remember – It’s already done!)
  • You’ll learn how to CLEAR THE BLOCKAGES that are holding you back from your manifestations.
  • You’ll begin to forgive yourself and let old baggage go.
  • We’ll focus on gratitude.
  • And create a vision board.
  • Work on creating an “hour of power” or special time to set aside to focus on your energy and your vision – making room and time for yourself and your manifestation to come into your life!
  • Surround yourself with high-vibe, like-minded people in our incredible Think, Believe, and Manifest – Law of Attraction community! 
  • You will also get special downloads for you to use to help you in your manifestations.
  • Best of all, you’ll get guidance in your manifestations from ME.

I cannot wait to meet all of you in my group! Who needs to wait until 2020 to set goals and start living the life of your dreams?! NOT US! 

Whether you want to manifest a better relationship, love, money, abundance, happiness, peace in your life or your dream job, stop waiting for your life to begin. Life happens THROUGH YOU, not TO you.

Join the group for this challenge right now, right here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thinkbelievemanifest/

It may never be FREE again.

See you there!