Saturday February 22 
10:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Eagles Landing Country Club
Atlanta, Georgia

Hello Everyone,

In 2020 I decided to step into and live the most amazing year of my life and I am inviting you to join me.   The number one question that I get asked from listeners globally is “How can I attract more Money into my life?   The second most frequently asked question is “How Can I Attract My Soulmate.”   Well, I have designed a one-day seminar just for you to help you begin the manifestation process in these two major areas of your life.   To have both Love and Abundance is your Divine birthright and this life-changing day will empower you and teach you the science, universal laws, spirituality and action steps for manifesting both Love and Abundance into your life.  

The group is limited to 10 participants and you will have an opportunity to connect  with like-minded people in a luxury environment where you will receive my 25-year premium signature Coaching that will allow you to be authentic, vulnerable and have the freedom to share about your deepest concerns, fears and heart-felt desires.

You will leave with the knowledge of:    


  • Halt any limiting beliefs that are currently blocking you from real love and create new, empowering ones.
  • Release your past and forgive those that hurt you in past relationships
  • Position yourself to Manifest Love
  • Have crystal clarity about who your partner is and what soulmate love is for you.
  • Know how to use the Law of Attraction to really attract your soulmate
  • Learn to use affirmations, visualization and action steps to manifest your Soulmate
  • Feel confident and know that your soulmate is on his or her way.
  • Receive specific exercises and practices to manifest your Soulmate.


  • Identifying and releasing negative beliefs about money and abundance.
  • Identifying and re-writing your Money Blueprint
  • Developing a wealthy mindset – Reprogramming your Mind
  • Getting into the vibration of Wealth and Abundance
  • Understanding the Spiritual aspects of Money
  • Studying wealth and investment
  • Developing a Plan to create more money in your life


  • Greetings – Welcome Packet
  • Morning Seminar
  • Lunch at the Country Club
  • Afternoon Seminar
  • Closure

Event limited to 10 Participants only (No Exceptions)
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One-Day VIP Coaching Intensive with Constance in Atlanta, Georgia
(or via Skype/Zoom)

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Are you ready to experience a life-changing day of one-on-one coaching with me personally here in Atlanta or via Skype/Zoom?  Your one-day VIP Coaching Intensive will be customized, designed and tailored specifically for you.  Get ready to receive my face-to-face signature coaching and personal care in a luxurious country-club setting.  You will have the experience of tapping into my 25 years of counseling, coaching and training as I guide you to next level thinking, being and doing.  I will provide a safe and confidential environment for you that will open you up to being vulnerable and allow you to share your deepest concerns, fears and heart-felt desires.  It will be an intimate day of connecting, exploring and receiving clarity and strategies for your dreams. 


  • Getting a clear vision of the life and learn how to tap into your unlimited potential.
  • Writing a new story for yourself – one that embraces who you really are!
  • Forgiving yourself, your past or anyone you’ve felt hurt by.
  • Having the courage to commit to creating the awesome life that you deserve.
  • Designing your life with specific plans and strategies that are tailored for your lifestyle.
  • Getting the tools, you need to gain and maintain momentum to take consistent action steps. 
  • Identifying self-limiting behaviors and beliefs and receiving strategies to reprogram your subconscious.    

This is a snapshot of what your day with Constance will look like:

  • Laser-focus insight on where you’re headed.
  • Getting Laser-focused on where you are now and where you are headed.
  • Identifying the following:What are your biggest challenges, where to you feel stuck and what are some patterns that you keep repeating?
  • Working out what’s not serving you and learning how to bring more of what you love and deserve into your life.
  • Gaining insight into your Spirituality and its’ role of manifesting your dreams
  • Developing new mindsets, incredible breakthroughs, new awareness and practical consistent action step strategies.
  • Customized 6-month plan – Strategies and a fully worked up action plan to get you to the next step.(Will be emailed to you within 3 days)


  • 30-minute planning and preparation call so that you can be completely relaxed.
  • Detailed Coaching Assessment
  • Understanding of Specific Focus for the Day.


  • A 30-Minute follow-up coaching and implementation call to answer any questions and explain Action Plan Strategy.
  • 60- and 90-Day follow-up Call

Tentative Schedule of Full VIP Private Day with Constance:

  • Welcome Packet
  • Morning Intensive Session
  • Lunch with Constance
  • Special Surprise Guest
  • Afternoon Intensive Session
  • Summary/Action Plans/Strategies


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It all starts with a complimentary discovery call (no obligation) to see if we’re a great fit.  Email me at:   constance@fulfillingyourpurpose.com
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Let me partner with you by offering my 25 years of experience as a Keynote Speaker or Leadership Trainer for your organization in 2020. I will customize and design services aligned with your organizational goals and mission statement. Check out a clip from my teaching on the universal laws of beliefs, words and intentions at the Peachtree Plaza Hotel at the Success from the Inside Out Retreat in August. Questions? Contact me here.

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Hello Everyone,
This year I am celebrating and moving into 11 years as the Host of The Think, Believe and Manifest Talk Show on The Law of Attraction Radio Network.  Millions of faithful listeners have tuned into my 550 archived podcasts on 27 different internet stations.   

It has only been by the Grace of God that each week for 11 years I have been able to share motivation, encouragement, inspiration and strategies to shift and change your life. In a Spirit of Excellence, I have interviewed experts and New York Times Best-Selling Authors from all over the world asking them the questions that I know you want to hear.   
Looking back over those 11 years, I personally have been radically transformed and changed from the inside/out.  I have been so enriched by my wonderful guests. many of whom are now my personal friends.  However, the most exciting and part of this journey is how much the show has blessed, changed and inspired your life.  Over the years, I have received hundreds of emails from faithful listeners like you sharing your powerful manifestation stories of how this show has shifted and blessed your life.

I am also grateful to The Law of Attraction Radio Network for their platform and support during these 11 years.  I have always received first-class support, editing and distribution of my shows.  

Help me to continue to celebrate by sending me your personal story about how you discovered and were attracted to The Think, Believe and Manifest Talk Show. (constance@fulfillingyourpurpose.com)

Lastly, since this show has been such a blessing to you,  I am thanking you in advance for your Financial Donation.  Your generosity will help me continue to touch the lives of others in third-world countries and those who may not be as fortunate as you are.  The recipients will receive training, seminars, books and coaching.  Simply click the donate Button below. 
Thank You.


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