Constance L. Arnold, M.A. – Facilitator, Professional Counselor – Certified Master Coach

Are you ready to manifest that ONE BIG GOAL?

I am inviting you to attend my last Mastermind for 2021. I am limiting this Mastermind to 10 participants only.

My last Mastermind Mind was amazing and the participants are still raving and will continue to reap the benefits of that powerful experience.

Get ready to be you will be guided, supported and helped in every way possible to manifest that goal so much quicker than if you tried to do it alone!

You will be connected with like-minded people globally.

Prework – You will receive a PDF of work your need to complete prior to the beginning of the Mastermind.

  • Weekly group coaching/mastermind calls (approx. 2 hours) (Saturdays)
  • Weekly hot seat coaching (for each woman) to move through any stumbling blocks as they come up
  • Private Facebook Group – Stay connected with members of the group. I will also do short videos and upload to group.
  • Homework and accountability check-ins to ensure you are moving towards your goal in the correct manner and not getting off track
  • Connecting with your accountability partner a minimum of once per week

Learning: We’ll start each call with an important topic manifesting, goal setting, crushing limiting beliefs, and ultimately being in alignment with your goal.

Masterminding: Each woman will get her opportunity to be in the ‘hot seat’ and collectively we will mastermind for and with her.

Open Q + A: Ask Constance any questions you have.

The Basics of Manifestation: What is manifestation? How do you manifest? How to use the Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration.

Removing Barriers & Limiting Beliefs:
How do you move beyond the fears/doubts/anxieties/worries that come up when it comes to manifesting what you really want?

Accelerated Manifestations Tools: How to speed up the manifestation process using tools that are known to work! Visualization, Scripting and Affirmations.

Inspired Action: How to bridge the gap between what you want and HAVING what you want. How to become the woman who already has the manifestation.

Raising Your Vibration: How to raise your vibration (and keep it there) so that your manifestations come to you quickly and easily)

Increase your Spirituality and Faith: Using the power of your connection with Spirit and your Manifestations.

Full price: $600.00 (Pay in Full)
2 Payments of : $300.00


Are you currently a certified coach, but you have been struggling with positioning yourself online and making money?  On the other hand, do you believe that you have expertise in a specific area where you could really help others with proven strategies and techniques even thought you are not certified?  

I am ready and prepared to coach and train Coaches.  My 12 years as an online Certified and Master Law of Attraction and Success Coach has given me the success, wisdom, knowledge and expertise and I am ready to share those success nuggets with you.

I am ready to help you:

  • Discover your Target Market RIGHT NOW.
  • Tap into what are the SPECIFIC URGENT needs of perspective clients?
  • Learn now to narrow down your Niche.
  • How to go from broad to specific.
  • How to use Social Media to monetize and position yourself.
  • How to post content on social media that aligns with your services and attract your ideal client.
  • How to become an online Coach without being certified.
  • Hose to create a podcast and use your platform to attract clients.

Let’s schedule a 20 minute discover call and begin your exciting journey of becoming a successful Coach.   Email me to schedule a time for a discovery call – Constance@fulfillingyourpurpose.com

One-Day VIP Coaching Intensive with Constance in Atlanta, Georgia
(or via Skype/Zoom)

Click Here For VIP Coaching


Are you ready to experience a life-changing day of one-on-one coaching with me personally here in Atlanta or via Skype/Zoom?  Your one-day VIP Coaching Intensive will be customized, designed and tailored specifically for you.  Get ready to receive my face-to-face signature coaching and personal care in a luxurious country-club setting.  You will have the experience of tapping into my 25 years of counseling, coaching and training as I guide you to next level thinking, being and doing.  I will provide a safe and confidential environment for you that will open you up to being vulnerable and allow you to share your deepest concerns, fears and heart-felt desires.  It will be an intimate day of connecting, exploring and receiving clarity and strategies for your dreams. 


  • Getting a clear vision of the life and learn how to tap into your unlimited potential.
  • Writing a new story for yourself – one that embraces who you really are!
  • Forgiving yourself, your past or anyone you’ve felt hurt by.
  • Having the courage to commit to creating the awesome life that you deserve.
  • Designing your life with specific plans and strategies that are tailored for your lifestyle.
  • Getting the tools, you need to gain and maintain momentum to take consistent action steps. 
  • Identifying self-limiting behaviors and beliefs and receiving strategies to reprogram your subconscious.    

This is a snapshot of what your day with Constance will look like:

  • Laser-focus insight on where you’re headed.
  • Getting Laser-focused on where you are now and where you are headed.
  • Identifying the following:What are your biggest challenges, where to you feel stuck and what are some patterns that you keep repeating?
  • Working out what’s not serving you and learning how to bring more of what you love and deserve into your life.
  • Gaining insight into your Spirituality and its’ role of manifesting your dreams
  • Developing new mindsets, incredible breakthroughs, new awareness and practical consistent action step strategies.
  • Customized 6-month plan – Strategies and a fully worked up action plan to get you to the next step.(Will be emailed to you within 3 days)


  • 30-minute planning and preparation call so that you can be completely relaxed.
  • Detailed Coaching Assessment
  • Understanding of Specific Focus for the Day.


  • A 30-Minute follow-up coaching and implementation call to answer any questions and explain Action Plan Strategy.
  • 60- and 90-Day follow-up Call

Tentative Schedule of Full VIP Private Day with Constance:

  • Welcome Packet
  • Morning Intensive Session
  • Lunch with Constance
  • Special Surprise Guest
  • Afternoon Intensive Session
  • Summary/Action Plans/Strategies


Click the link below to purchase your VIP Package now

It all starts with a complimentary discovery call (no obligation) to see if we’re a great fit.  Email me at:   constance@fulfillingyourpurpose.com
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Contact Constance for Speaking in 2021

Let me partner with you by offering my 25 years of experience as a Keynote Speaker or Leadership Trainer for your organization in 2021. I will customize and design services aligned with your organizational goals and mission statement. Check out a clip from my teaching on the universal laws of beliefs, words and intentions at the Peachtree Plaza Hotel at the Success from the Inside Out Retreat in August. Questions? Contact me here.

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