Excerpts from my presentation on The Law of Attraction Cruise.
– Getting in The Flow of The Spirit for Manifestation

How to live your Dream From The End – Excerpts from The Law of Attraction Cruise.

Book Constance as your Keynote Speaker, Keynote Plus, or for Specialized Training Workshops and let her help you take your organization from good to great.

Constance is the host of one of the most popular talk shows on The Law of Attraction Radio Network and Blog Talk Radio. The Think, Believe and Manifest Talk Show is consistently rated #1 in the Self-Help category, and is currently ranked in the top 1% of all shows airing on Blog Talk Radio. Constance conducts weekly interviews with New York Times Best Selling Authors, Scientists, Doctors, Spiritual Leaders and many notable Success Experts.

Suggested Speaking Topics:

  • The psychology and science of success
  • Help take your company from good to great
  • Motivating your team through challenging times

Suggested Personal Development Workshops:

  • Creating the Life That You Desire

This one day workshop will teach your team how to create the life of their dreams. We’ll take a candid look at their current affairs and help them transition to a mindset of living life purposefully. Help your team deal with limiting belief systems and sabotaging behavior and how to set empowering intentions. A 5-step process will be explained so they have clear action steps to move forward.

  • Discovering Your Purpose and Destiny

What were you created to do? What is your passion? Every life needs a direction – a purpose. Without it we simply drift through life. This workshop will help your team discover their strengths and their calling in their line of work. This workshop will begin the process of determining gifts, talents and how to develop those gifts toward a purpose.

Leadership Training Workshops:

“Keeping Your Employees Motivated and Productive Through Tough Times”

In today’s global and competitive world, a highly motivated and productive workforce is vital for organizational success. The new realities of the workplace demand new strategies.

This workshop is an informative one-day program that will empower managers and supervisors with leadership techniques and tools to inspire and motivate their teams. Participants will learn the Dos and Donts around employee morale and leave with a 30 day action plan.

Topics Include:

  • Energizing the work environment
  • Recognizing needs and understanding behavior
  • Winning cooperation and increasing morale
  • Leadership and communication
  • Navigating through change
  • Building self-directed teams
  • Keys to great team performance
  • Leading your team in a time of crisis
  • Tips to regenerate your team
  • Recognizing excellence and rewarding achievement

“Managing Change and Transition in the Workplace”

CHANGE is constant in the workplace. This comprehensive workshop covers all phases of how to make restructures work. From understanding why people often resist or fear change, to how and when to introduce change initiatives in a way that gains acceptance. Handling conflict and discord during the change process and sustaining change for lasting results. This workshop will examine the fears and challenges of restructuring, downsizing and reveal how to establish a workplace culture where positive change can flourish.

Topics Include:

  • Recognizing the positive and negative consequences of change
  • Why fear, anxiety, resistance and stress are so often associated with change
  • Key strategies for effectively dealing with unexpected or unwanted change
  • Typical obstacles in the change process and how to overcome them
  • Discovering personal strategies for personal behavior change
  • Rediscovering your gift/talents for this season in your life
  • Secrets to creating lasting behavioral change
  • The importance of becoming comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity
  • How to change the way you think – which will change the way you behave