Getting Refocused

Hey Everyone,

Greetings from Atlanta and The Think Believe and Manifest Talk Show.  Fall is finally here in the U.S.  (I realize that many of you live in other parts of the World).  Have you ever noticed that it feels like there is a change or shift in the atmosphere when autumn arrives?  After vacations, travels and lots of fun during the Summer months, or me personally, Fall is always a time of refocusing.

As most of you know, I interview New York Times Best Authors almost weekly and all of them share the same principles they have used and share with others to manifest success.  So, I want to give you 5 principles that you can implement into your life over the next 2 ½ months so that you can begin living and manifesting more of what you love and desire into your life.

PRINCIPLE:  The Secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.

5 Things Successful People do Before 8 a.m. (Success Leaves Clues)

  • Prayer, Meditation, Mindfulness
  • Reading Inspirational Material (Leaders are Readers – Learn more to earn more)
  • Listen to or look at audio/video teachings
  • Write and review your goals
  • Exercise

I recommend that you choose ONE major goal and give your attention, focus and energy to that one goal utilizing these 5 steps.

I realized personally that I need to really be more consistent with writing and reviewing my goals DAILY.

Please email me and let me know about your wonderful manifestations.


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