Hello Everyone

I wanted to reach out to everyone and thank all for you for your wonderful love, condolences, prayers, emails, texts and phone calls during the transition of my Brother – George Lane, Jr. (Little Joe).   He was a wonderful, loving and giving man and left a powerful legacy of giving, ministry and love.  

It has been a demanding and at-times an over-whelming week for me, but God has sustained and kept me through HIS powerful Grace.   I have had strong support and love from my friends who have been there for me day and night and of course from my mentor and Pastor – James E. Powers who has and is supporting me through this process.   All of the principles that I share and teach each week, I am choosing to use them during this process.  

I have and I am still receiving hundreds of emails and texts from listeners who want to know how they can send a love gift to me and my family.   Since I am still in the process of responding to all of my correspondence, I felt the most effective way for you to share your gifts would be through my business PAYPAL or with $CashApp.  With paypal.com, you simply go to paypal.com put in my paypal name which is:   clarnold11@bellsouth.net and with $CashAPP – my name is $constancearnold.   Thank you in advance and ALL IS WELL!

I wanted to share some picture with you.

These are picture of me and my 4 nieces (Aren’t they beautiful/)

The next one is a picture of my family after the Funeral

The Last is a picture of my brother (Little Joe)