Happy New Year Everyone

I want to assist you in being successful in 2018.  Below are some of the SIMPLE steps that I have utilized with the over 10,000 clients that I have either trained or coached:

1.  GET CLEAR about what you want in a certain area and write it down in as much detail as possible.  Look at your goals daily.  Choose your top goal and focus ONLY on that one goal (80/20 Rule).  People who write their goals down are 45% more likely to accomplish and manifest them than those who do not.

2.  Take CONSISTENT ACTION BABY STEPS towards your goal.  Those consistent action baby steps will eventually gain momentum and will turn into quantum leaps.   Baby Step your way to success in 2018.  Do at least one thing every day that moves you toward your most important goal.  Make a habit of getting up each morning, planning your day and then doing something, anything that moves you at least one step closer to what’s most important to you.


3. IDENTIFY EVERY OBSTACLE (or limiting belief) that might keep you from reaching your goals.  Review the list of obstacles that are standing in your way of success then write down ways to overcome those obstacles.

4.  ASK FOR HELP.  Reach out and ask anyone who can assist you in reaching your goal.  Develop a partnership with a Success Coach or Mentor who can assist you in accelerating towards your most important goal.  Remember, no one becomes successful alone.

5.  Reward yourself as your progress.  Celebrate, reward and be grateful for every milestone you accomplish.  Remember, it is always about who you ARE BECOMING as you are moving towards your goals.

6.  Begin with the END in mind.   Your subconscious is most impacted by images and your emotions.  Create a Vision Board or Mind Movie and look, see and feel yourself already having manifested your goals.

7.  Remember to INVITE GOD into your world to partner with you in the planning, designing and manifesting your Goals.

I currently coach clients on 5 continents and would love to partner with you and assist you in creating a life beyond your wildest dreams in 2018.

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