How To Visualize In An Easy, Joyful and Fun Way

Whenever I talk to people about the importance of visualization, the comments that I hear are “It is too difficult”, “I don’t have the time”, or “My mind is not disciplined enough to focus on my dreams.”  I believe that when you have a clear understanding of how visualization works, you will be able to practice it in a joyful, fun and easy way.

First let’s define visualization. In simple terms – visualization is seeing and feeling your own self in your own mind ALREADY being, doing and having the GOOD that you desire.  Another way of explaining visualization is deliberately, positively dreaming of things into expression as you align your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and images with your desire.  Biblically, visualization is “Calling those things that be not as though they were.” (Romans 4).  It is seeing and feeling your future into the NOW of your life.

These are the 4 areas of your mind involved in Visualization:

  • CONSCIOUS MIND – The intellect, the reasoning faculty, whose function is to choose and select what you desire. In your conscious mind you choose and become clear about what you desire
  • TRANSLIMINAL MIND – The area of mind between the conscious and subconscious in which your idea or intention is practiced.  Once you have consciously chosen what your intention is, the visualizing of that idea or intention in housed in your transliminal mind. As you begin visualizing it incubates and is formed as you continue to see your desire fulfilled in an easy, joyful and fun way. This stage is where you practice, practice, practice! You must imagine yourself right in the state of your fulfilled desire. Your future must become the present in your imagination. Your continued practice begins to create an imprint on your subconscious and eventually is downloaded.    
  • SUBCONSCIOUS MIND – The department of mind which receives and accepts all conscious and unconscious impressions and acts upon them. It accepts whatever you impress upon it. If you say, think, feel and believe I AM HEALED – over time and eventually you will be healed. It will do whatever is necessary to express the idea which you have given it. When the subconscious mind is filled with your GOOD desires, it brings forth your manifestation.
  • SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND – The omniscient, omnipresent Spirit — all knowing, all powerful and present. The Spirit will do exceedingly, abundantly more than you are able to ask or think. The power behind your beliefs brings forth realization and manifestation.

So now that you understand how visualization works, let me give your some easy steps to use this powerful universal principle:

  • Choose one intention, goal or idea that you desire to manifest in your life (Conscious Mind). Get clear about what you want.
  • Make your visualizations fun, joyful and pleasurable.
  • Begin with 7 minutes. Use an online timer or stopwatch to assist you.
  • Choose one scene and begin seeing, feeling and believing that you have your manifestation NOW. Create a scene in your mind where you are living your life from the end.  Example: if you are believing to travel to the Caribbean, see yourself going through customs with your passport, getting into a taxi that takes you to your hotel on the beach and giving the driver a big tip. Feel the ocean breeze on your skin, and experience how wonderful the white sand feels between your toes as you walk on the beach, etc.
  • If your mind drifts away while you are visualizing, GENTLY bring it back to your vision.
  • Use meditation music as a way to keep you relaxed and calm during your visualization.
  • PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE – Remember it is a Universal Law that will work for anyone who will work it.
  • Remember that the Spirit is the power behind your vision and is orchestrating and arranging circumstances in your life to bring your manifestation into your life.
  • Detach from the HOW – God has a million ways to get your manifestation to you.
  • Be grateful in advance, before your manifestation.