Action Steps for Manifesting More Prosperity

During my 30 year career as a counselor/coach/trainer, the number 1 question that I receive from people globally is “How Can I Manifest More Prosperity”? I normally answer that question by sharing about the power of creating prosperity from the inside out – understanding that it is our beliefs, thinking, intentions, expectations and consciousness which creates our experiences.

However, in this article, I want to share simple ways to align yourself with prosperity by taking simple ACTION steps. You can implement these steps NOW in order manifest more prosperity in your life.

The Law of Vacuum states that when you create a vacuum by giving, that the universe must fill that space. I am sure that you have heard the mantra that “Nature abhors a vacuum.” Simply stated – If you want greater good, greater prosperity in your life, start forming a vacuum to receive it. In other words, when you begin to give, you are making room for that which you desire. GOD WILL ALWAYS FILL A VACUUM. You can begin to create a vacuum by giving away your clothes, furniture, old books and even your time and watch more prosperity come into your life.

Tithing is giving away 10% of your earnings or time. You can choose to give tithes to a church, charity or a worthy project. When you circulate substance, money or time, you keep the river of prosperity flowing freely. When you tithe you are circulating money and putting yourself in the flow of prosperity. I remember about 20 years ago when I desired more prosperity in my life I decided to begin to tithe. I made a decision to tithe the amount that I wanted to earn in the future. So that meant if I desired to make $100,000, I would tithe 10% of that amount even though I might have been earning $50,000.00. Well the most amazing thing began to happen, more money seemed to flow into my life from unexpected people and places, because I was operating in the universal law of giving and receiving. The bible states – ”Give and it shall be given unto you.” Nothing you ever do goes unnoticed by this living universe. So begin circulating your money and time in faith and watch more prosperity come into your life.

Begin to manifest more prosperity into your life by commanding and calling it in with your words. The word command means to have authority. Your words are powerful and creative. You create your world with your words and your life follows your words. Your words actually become flesh and begin to manifest in your material world. Speaking Prosperity Affirmations will begin to manifest more prosperity into your life. I believe that money has an EAR and it hears what you say about it. When you speak negative words and say that you are broke – then money literally runs away from you. Conversely, when you begin to speak positively about prosperity with faith and conviction, then prosperity begins to flow in your life in miraculous ways.

MONEY IS DIVINE. Money is God’s good in expression. When your attitude towards money is one of appreciation, more prosperity comes to you. Money reacts to your attitude towards it. If you think favorably about money and appreciate it, more will come to you. Your grateful attitude actually attracts money to you. Always have an attitude of being grateful for the money that you do have. Never be critical or condemn others who have money, as your money will dissipate. I had a client who constantly complained about lack of money. He constantly talked negative about how the government was spending money and was very critical of celebrities and their extravagant lifestyles. During our sessions he discovered that his negative, complaining and critical attitude was keeping his prosperity from him. He made a decision to stop complaining and being critical and within 30 days he received a large promotion and increase in his salary. He attributes his increase to his shift and change in his attitude towards money.

WORK IS DIVINE. Your current job can be a mighty channel for prosperity to come into your life. Every successful millionaire worked a JOB where they received creative ideas that eventually brought wealth into their lives. A great example of that would be Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey. So be diligent and faithful in the job that you current have and see it as a channel for God to download innovative ideas that can create millions in your life. If you do not like your current work, then begin to direct your energies toward a specific intention. Pray for an idea that will serve others while bringing more prosperity into your life. When you forget yourself and serve others, wealth will come to you.

Begin taking these action steps in love, faith and expectancy and watch more increase, abundance and prosperity manifest in your life.

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