I have shared my own personal process of manifestations in my life many times on my show, but wanted to give you a specific example of how I have manifested my dream life and the many lessons I learned through this process. By the Grace of God, I have manifested wealth, health, houses, love, prosperous businesses, travel and purpose. So the intention of this newsletter is share ONE specific area of my life as an example so that you can extract truths about the manifestation process. You can personalized and immediately begin to apply these same principles in your own life. The example that I am going to use is Travel manifestations.

Even when I was a child, I always dreamed of traveling. My father would take me to the airport in Chattanooga, Tennessee and I would sit and watch the Planes take off and name the countries that I believed the planes were traveling to and would exclaim: “One day I will go there too.” I believe those times with my Father was God’s way of putting that desire inside my heart. Fast forward into my adult years, I have traveled the world (most times in a first-class and miraculous manner) and realized that I have used spiritual principles, the promises of God and the Law of Attraction to manifest a dream TRAVEL lifestyle for which I am so grateful. (By the way, in a week, I am going on a cruise to Mexico and Jamaica for 7 days).

These are some general manifestation principles that I use in my life.  You can use these principles in any area of your life.

  1. I get clear about where I want to travel and how long.  I then write in detail the travel experience that I desire.  I include the kind of hotel, culture, expeditions, excursions and flight experience I desire.  I rewrite and review daily.  PRINCIPLE: Get clear about what you desire and write it down in as much detail as possible.  Continually add more details and look at it daily.
  2. After I am clear about the specific travel experience I desire, I ASK and Pray for my Desire. (Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe you receive it and you shall have it – Matthew 11:24) Quantum Physics – There are unlimited possibilities in the quantum field, but when you become specific and focus in on one intention, all other possibilities collapse and only your desire remains.  PRINCIPLE:  Ask and believe you have specifically what you have prayed for.  Keep your focus on the desired answer of your prayer.  Intentionally turn your thinking and 5 senses away from outward appearances contrary to your desire and believe you have it now!
  3. I do not try to figure out HOW my dream trip is going to manifest (This was a difficult one for me to learn – TRUST) I open up my mind to the unlimited ways that this travel manifestation can happen.  I do not allow lack of money, time or resources to permeate my thinking and I remain focused on the travel desire.  PRINCIPLE:  Release and detach from HOW your desire will manifest.  Simply remain FOCUSED on WHAT you desire.  When you try to rationalize HOW it is going to happen, you diminish the miraculous power of Spirit to surprise you in unknown ways.
  4. I take action and do everything that I know to do.  I take consistent baby steps by contacting travel agents, trip advisor, travel clubs, hotels and airlines about rates, times and availability.  I talk to people who have visited the country and get firsthand information about their wonderful experience.  PRINCIPLE:  Take consistent action towards your dream knowing that your next step will be revealed to you.  Do everything you know towards your dream.  Ask for help and reach out to others to assist you.  God has a million ways to get your desire and resources to you.Your small baby action steps will accelerate and turn into giant quantum leaps.
  5. I begin to visualize my desired travel experience.  I put myself in the middle of my dream already true.  I make vision boards, read brochures and look at YouTube videos that tattoo and burn those images in my mind as already done.  I read about the culture and share with my friends the excitement about me visiting this new country.  I visualize AS IF for 5 – 15 minutes twice per day living from the end of my travel dream.  PRINCIPLE:  Visualize, see and assume the feeling of your dream as already done and as you remain faithful to your idea, it will eventually manifest into your life.  Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.  Imagination and emotions impact the subconscious deeper and quicker than thought alone.  Set aside time every day to live in the end of your desired dream.
  6. I give thanks and gratitude for my desired travel experience before I can sense it with my 5 physical senses.  I am grateful for every contact, reservation, and accommodation.  I am grateful for every little manifestation along the way.  I turned my attention away from what my outside circumstances might reflect and continually affirmed scriptures and affirmations.  My mantra is:  I give thanks for a “First-Class Travel Experience.  PRINCIPLE:  Giving thanks and gratitude before your dream has manifested.  Gratitude puts you in the flow of faith and begins the manifestation of your intention.  Gratitude is the signature that it is already done.Gratitude turns your attention away from your external circumstances and keeps you FOCUSED on your dream.
  7. I remind myself often that I am co-creating and partnering with the God of the Universe who desires for me to have this wonderful travel experience.  I remember that God is behind the scenes of my life rearranging circumstances, resources and people on my behalf.  (I have had so many miraculous travel manifestations that have been beyond my wildest dreams).  PRINCIPLE:  You are not alone in your pursuit of your dream as you are co-creating with God.  The entire Universe is conspiring to support, love and magnetize your highest good to you.  Set aside quiet time daily to align with God as your partner in the manifestation of your dream.


Read this over and over again and take the principles shared and personalize them for your own life and begin living your dream life.

These are pictures of me in Aruba and Grand Cayman Islands

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