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Saturday July 18, 2020
10:00 – 12:30 Noon EST

This live interactive online summit is for you if you’ve:

If you’re struggling for direction in your life or sick of living paycheck-to-paycheck, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Hi there, I’m Constance Arnold, success coach, mentor, author, and host of the Think, Believe, and Manifest Talk Show, and I’ve been where you are.

20 years ago I was desperate for more money.

I was working as a school counselor, but I knew that there was more for me.

I had large bills mounting, but my pay was just not enough.

I spent a lot of my days worrying and had many sleepless nights trying to figure out on my own what to do.

I knew that I wanted to become an entrepreneur, but how in the world would I ever be able to start my own business without money? (This was my own limiting belief.)

Somehow in the midst of all of my anxiety, I received a download from Spirit to just start “being still” every day. (Be Still and know that I am God.)

So, I listened. Every day, I would sit in stillness, and for weeks it looked like nothing was happening.

I was looking for a quick fix!

It was hard for me to control my mind as it seemed like an untrained puppy that was roaming all over the place.

One day, in my moment of silence and meditation, I had the idea, “Write a Training Module on ‘How Self Image, Self-Esteem determines our choices.’

That idea had never crossed my mind before, so, I just decided to do it anyway.

I researched and worked on the module for about 30 days and again, nothing happened.

I said to myself, “Maybe I didn’t hear from God.”

One day, I received a phone call from a friend who told me of a pro-bono speaking opportunity about two hours away from Dublin.

They were looking for a speaker to share on “Self Esteem and Dress.” I had never taught that subject before, but I decided to take the gig just because it gave me more exposure.

I went to the speaking engagement and I spoke.

To be quite honest, I did not feel as if my speech was that powerful, but I did my best.

At the end of the speech, the moderator took to me to lunch and said how much she loved my speech. Then she shared with me that she was the director of a major program that had funds for training and she had $100,000 that she needed to use before the end of the fiscal year June 30.

She then said to me, ‘If you will take $99,000 then I will not have to bid it out.’ She asked if I could do training on something like, “Self Esteem and Re-entering the Job Market.”

I was stunned that she asked for exactly what I had researched and created!

I quickly said a resounding YES and the rest of history.

Since that time, I received repeated contracts for 6-figures for a decade and built a powerful Leadership and Development Training Company.

I expanded it for the past 21 years and it has created for me a life beyond my wildest dreams!


You see, I was chasing the MONEY, instead of coming from a place of service. And now, I am blessed to be able to use my gifts and change people’s lives through coaching and even more through my Think, Believe, Manifest Talk Show.

Opportunity created opportunity.

If I hadn’t sat still to listen, I would not have received the download. If I had continued my limiting beliefs, I would not have received the download. If I would not have been open and ready for the change and new direction, I would not have received the download.

That’s what I’m going to show YOU how to do.

Here’s what you get when you sign up:

A session with me, valued at $400, for only $99, where we will:

  • Unlock limiting beliefs and release them
  • Pinpoint your gifts and use them to make money
  • Clear the clutter of your mind so you can receive the messages and live the life of your dreams!
  • Create new patterns and beliefs to live mindfully and gratefully in the present while co-creating your future
  • Eliminate fear so you can take the quantum leap into a new career.
  • Reimagine your career path – What OTHER industries would value your skills?
  • Use strategies to discover, design and manifest a new career
  • Understand your worth/value and learn how to ask for comparable raises/financial compensation.
  • Become a solution for your organization and money will follow
  • Understand your core beliefs around success and business
  • Do the inner work behind money, success and business
  • Develop new thinking for unprecedented times.
  • Create something different in your business during these new times

And much more!

Plus, if you sign up now you’ll get these three bonuses FOR FREE!


During this session, you will receive clarity, the direction you need, an action plan to take you there every step of the way – along with the exact methods I used to attract my first $100k contract!

When you register, you will also receive your PDF Assignments/Handouts to complete prior to the Seminar.  
Just $99.00

My students have manifested their dream job, spots in a commercial, more than 100+ pounds of weight released, raises, and trips because the principles you will learn in my session can be applied to EVERY AREA of your life!



Jayme McKnight, 2020 seminar participant: “Thank you thank you thank for this day!”

Jaden Sterling, Intuitive Business Coach: “By working with Constance, we’ve experienced a tremendous growth rate!”

Visit my YouTube channel for more testimonials and for free meditations and affirmations to help you align with your highest self and release your limiting beliefs: https://www.youtube.com/user/thinkbelievemanifest.

Don’t spend another second WAITING TO START YOUR LIFE.

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