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Let me partner with you by offering my 25 years of experience as a Keynote Speaker or Leadership Trainer for your organization in 2017. I will customize and design services aligned with your organizational goals and mission statement. Check out a clip from my teaching on the universal laws of beliefs, words and intentions at the Peachtree Plaza Hotel at the Success from the Inside Out Retreat in August. Questions? Contact me here.

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You were created by God for a specific purpose and destiny. I believe it is only when you discover your purpose that you will be totally fulfilled.

So how can you begin to live your life purposefully? Below are a few questions that I ask my coaching clients to help them quickly move toward their dream life.

  • Which activities or hobbies make you smile?
  • Which activities make you lose track of time?
  • Who inspires you most?
  • What do people typically ask you for help with?
  • What are some challenges or difficulties you’ve overcome, or are currently overcoming?

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Think of every successful person you know. I guarantee you that they have a coach whom assists, supports and directs them toward continual success. Albert Einstein said “It takes a different kind of thinking to solve a problem than the kind of thinking which produced the problem.” I believe his wise statement defines the coaching process. My coaching helps people develop the capacity to approach their challenges in new and creative ways.

One-on-One video coaching sessions with me will help you clarify your vision and goals, support you through fears, keep you focused, and help you confront and change your limiting beliefs, unconscious behaviors and old patterns. My customized strategies have accelerated the success of hundreds of people. Remember, whatever you will not acknowledge will not change. Let’s partner together to begin creating the life of your dreams.



We are all broadcasting stations, whether we know it or not. Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, faith and fears tend to shape your personal environment. In essence, you are constantly sending, receiving and creating your own reality.

Have you ever walked into a room and could sense that something was wrong? I guarantee you that there had been some negative thinking or believing happening in that room before you entered it. We are all surrounded by our own mental atmosphere, which consists of what you have been continually thinking, feeling and believing. A person who is filled with anger, resentment and fear tunes in and picks up vibrations of failure. Conversely, a person whose thoughts are filled with ideas of success will tune into the successful thoughts around him or her. The thoughts of faith, optimism and happy expectancy.

Today, make a decision to begin to think on the affirmative side of life. As the song lyrics go, “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.” In doing so, you have made a decision to send out and receive only positive manifestations in your life. Tune your mind into the divine mind of God. Know that you draw into your own soul the essence of everything that is good, true and beautiful. Realize the divine presence and the power of God until your whole being responds. Broadcast love, healing and peace to the whole world and it will return back to you.

How do we begin to change what we are sending out?

  • Be grateful for what you have now, and for what you expect to happen.
  • Deliberately tune into the divine mind of God, daily.
  • Expect only good to show up in your life.
  • Stay away from negative thinking people.
  • Monitor the time that you watch or read negative information.
  • Keep your thoughts and emotions only on what you desire to manifest in your life.

I would love to help you take these steps to transform your life.