I have shared my own personal process of manifestations in my life many times on my show, but wanted to give you a specific example of how I have manifested my dream life and the many lessons I learned through this process. By the Grace of God, I have manifested wealth, health, houses, love, prosperous businesses, travel and purpose. So the intention of this newsletter is share ONE specific area of my life as an example so that you can extract truths about the manifestation process. You can personalized and immediately begin to apply these same principles in your own life. The example that I am going to use is Travel manifestations.

Even when I was a child, I always dreamed of traveling. My father would take me to the airport in Chattanooga, Tennessee and I would sit and watch the Planes take off and name the countries that I believed the planes were traveling to and would exclaim: “One day I will go there too.” I believe those times with my Father was God’s way of putting that desire inside my heart. Fast forward into my adult years, I have traveled the world (most times in a first-class and miraculous manner) and realized that I have used spiritual principles, the promises of God and the Law of Attraction to manifest a dream TRAVEL lifestyle for which I am so grateful. (By the way, in a week, I am going on a cruise to Mexico and Jamaica for 7 days).

These are some general manifestation principles that I use in my life.  You can use these principles in any area of your life.

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Why is Coaching Necessary?

Think of every successful person you know. I guarantee you that they have a coach whom assists, supports and directs them toward continual success. Albert Einstein said “It takes a different kind of thinking to solve a problem than the kind of thinking which produced the problem.” I believe his wise statement defines the coaching process. My coaching helps people develop the capacity to approach their challenges in new and creative ways.  Let’s partner together to begin creating the life of your dreams.


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Discovering Your Purpose






You were created by God for a specific purpose and destiny. I believe it is only when you discover your purpose that you will be totally fulfilled.

So how can you begin to live your life purposefully? Below are a few questions that I ask my coaching clients to help them quickly move toward their dream life.

  • Which activities or hobbies make you smile?
  • Which activities make you lose track of time?
  • Who inspires you most?
  • What do people typically ask you for help with?
  • What are some challenges or difficulties you’ve overcome, or are currently overcoming?

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